About the Event

BioTopics is an annual event conceived and organized by BGreen Technologies since 2021, aimed at exploring the potential of biotechnologies as a key element for promoting sustainable innovation.

Its main objective is to delve into the topics of biotechnology and innovation, providing a stimulating and inclusive environment where innovative ideas and solutions can be shared and nurtured. This event lays the foundation for possible future developments, thus contributing to building a sustainable future.

Primarily targeted at the industrial world, BioTopics involves diverse sectors such as chemical, plastic, textile, electronics, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and agri-food. However, it is not limited to just the industry but also serves as an educational opportunity for both entrepreneurs and students.

Through BioTopics, awareness is spread about the importance of innovation and biotechnology in business development, while simultaneously promoting networking and open innovation.

About the Organiser

BGreen Technologies is an innovative start-up active in the industrial biotechnology sector. Born at the end of 2019, it collaborates with universities and companies, in order to promote the ongoing ecological transition. In 2020, it decided to start organising BioTopics, an annual event to report on the progress of the company and the industry, as it grapples with sustainability challenges. 

Join this event and get a chance to meet us and join our network!

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